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Welcome to HDD Studios

Proudly serving the interior design needs for clients in Mid-Michigan & anywhere the internet the reaches!

For HDD Studios, interior design is an educated, credentialed, collaborative mission to help you live better in your home through the process of democratic design. Founded in 2001, Leslie Hart Davidson has spent the last two decades building relationships with many  beloved clients on projects ranging from new builds and remodels to simple space refreshes. HDD clients benefit from the studio’s democratic design process by having their spaces reflect their trifecta: who they are, where they come from, and what they believe in. HDD designs have been so successful that more than half of our clients rehire us for additional rooms, second homes or their business office projects.

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Our Mission of Democratic Design

We want your home to look like the best version of you, not the trendiest version of us. It's easy for a designer to "at" you with the latest trends, but HDD Studios wants to work with your budget, space, and taste to create a home that respects your décor trifecta. We don't do cookie cutter designs; we do beautiful work that represents your wishes for a home that is both functional and wow-worthy. 

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Democratic design puts you in the driver's seat for your project experience. Design fatigue can be taxing, so leave it to HDD Studios to handle the nitty gritty details of your project. We're flexible, so you can choose from a great range of services to help you live better in your home. If you've ever fallen down the Pinterest rabbit hole, you know that starting a project can be a paralyzing experience. Decision fatigue is Not a Thing. So just hand over your keys and HDD Studios will take care of the rest.

While HDD Studios is completely capable of providing soup-to-nuts concierge service, we're happy to provide assistance for the hands-off and DIYers alike. If you just need some great inspiration, you can book Leslie for a single designer-brain service, or check out her two interior design books: Remodeling Your House Without Killing Your Spouse and It's Not Your Room, It's You. Her third book, Food is Love, is a cookbook memoir with fantastic kitchen design advice. The Reveal, LHD’s upcoming book, is a memoir in the style of Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential with tons of wacky client tales and her hero origin story.

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