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At HDD Studios we believe...


DEMOCRATIC: When your project is done, HDD gets to walk away. YOU, however, have to live there. Democratic design means listening to your needs and collaborating with YOU as the user of the space. It's YOUR space, not just a trendy addition to our portfolio.  

INCLUSIVE: Not only do we lovingly welcome clients of every orientation, ethnicity, and persuasion, we also embrace every budget. Whether your home improvement investment is $100 or $1,000,000, we're happy to work with your budget. Everybody deserves to live better in their home

ACCESSIBLE: We've successfully tackled everything from wheelchair accessible spaces to aging in place issues at HDD Studios, but we want our services to be just as accessible. Location shouldn't be a barrier to good design, so virtual consultations are our jam. 


ARBITRARY: Does your space look like you were a contestant on the Home Goods version of "Supermarket Sweep?" We can help! Our design plans are intentional in their scope + execution and all follow the mantra: what is possible is not always practical. 

EXCLUSIONARY: HDD doesn't leave out people or important details in projects. We like to interview the whole family and even take into consideration the needs and impacts of your fur babies. Details are our thing, so your personalized requests- no matter how big or small- are honored.

COOKIE CUTTER: Your home should be as uniquely you as your finger print. At HDD, we promise never to serve up the same trite artwork and design features that your entire neighborhood embraces unironically. We can do better and you deserve better. 

Intentional Design IS Obtainable

Here's How HDD Can Help You:

Rent LHD's Brain

  • paint color consultation 

  • furniture arrangement 

  • artwork, photos, and décor placement

  • drapery and custom home fashions

price based on an hourly rate

Refresh Plans

  • consultation and site measurements

  • selection of finishes, fixtures, and furnishings as needed

  • presentation of overall design with samples 

  • implementation of design plan including ordering and installation 

price based on a total percentage of the total budget

Remodel Plans

  • CAD drawings and renderings 

  • selection of all finishes, fixtures, and furnishings for entire project

  • presentation design packet with two rounds of revisions 

  • project coordination with all identified parties during construction 

price based on a total percentage of the total budget

New Build Plans

  • review of builders floorplan to ensure proper aesthetic flow and functionality for your family

  • elimination of decision fatigue by wrangling all required finish selections by the build to ensure consistency of all elements 

  • audit of all existing furnishings for potential reuse in new plan

  • assistance with post move-in décor selections including drapery, rugs, and accessories 

price based on a total percentage of the total budget

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