Catch a live seminar with Leslie! 

Thursday | March 17

5:00pm  Food is Love

Friday | March 18

2:00pm  Leveling Up 

5:00pm  Food is Love


Saturday | March 19 

2:00pm  Food is Love 

5:00pm  What Your Contractor Wished You Knew


Sunday | March 20

3:00pm  Leveling Up 

check out this clip for a taste of Food is Love: 

Food is Love: 5 Tips for Designing a Kitchen You Really WANT to Use

This seminar based on Leslie's recently published cookbook explores kitchen design from a functional perspective.  Attendees will hear a funny version of the history of kitchens and learn a new design language, TALC, to help get the HGTV look of a kitchen that really *works* well.  Attendees will also have access to a free "Groceries to Leftovers" guide to help plan a kitchen perfect for their use.

Follow the link below to purchase a copy of Food is Love! 

Leveling Up from Live, Laugh, Love - Tips For Creating Meaningful Home Décor

This seminar is based on Leslie's second book "It's Not Your Room, it's YOU" and encourages attendees to think beyond cookie cutter accessories and design to better express their "décor trifecta":  who they are, where they come from, and what they believe in.   Attendees will have access to a free "Fire Test:  Discovering Your Décor Trifecta" guide and will learn fun ways to incorporate budget-friendly meaningful décor into their homes.

Follow the link below to purchase a copy of It's Not Your Room, it's YOU! 

What Your Contractor WISHED You Knew: Insider Tips from Home Improvement Professionals

This seminar is based on Leslie's first book "Remodeling Your House without Killing Your Spouse" and explores how HGTV is warping our sense of reality when it comes to remodeling.  Attendees will learn about realistic budgeting, timeline issues and proactive planning to have the very best remodeling experience.  A  free "T/NAT: Communicating Your Thing/Not a Thing Opinions" guide will also be offered.

Follow the link below to purchase a copy of Remodeling Your House without Killing Your Spouse!

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